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1. To put inside or into; insert or inject.
2. To bring in and establish in a new place or environment.
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Comet plans to introduce portable chillers later on.
He visited Nikoli and obtained permission to introduce the puzzle abroad.
It plans to introduce a lunchtime return flight from Jersey which will make it far easier for passengers to connect with the many 'low cost' services available at Stansted into Europe.
Honda is planning to introduce an all-new commuter model in ASEAN markets starting from Thailand beginning of 2006, which will be equipped with a compact water-cooled engine designed especially for Asian markets and an automatic transmission.
It also helped introduce a systems or network approach to management that forms the basis for a greater understanding of the effects of technology, diversity, structure, and strategy on organizational performance and for Department of Defense (DoD) troop and leader effectiveness in the combat environment (Perez & Kedia, 2002).
Some of the other potential uses for the "Quarterback" launch system include numerous search and rescue applications and use by military and law enforcement to safely and rapidly introduce bulking, hard to deliver operational gear into hostile environments.
(ENI)--Plans by the (Lutheran) Church of Sweden to introduce a ceremony for same-sex couples have stirred protests from leaders of other denominations, including the Roman Catholic church, two Orthodox churches and the Pentecostal movement.
Moreover, the disease carrier, a flea, can't survive in the arid conditions of much of the country, and so the Australian Animal and Plant Control Commission was forced to introduce an even hardier Spanish flea.
(See "Precautionary Tale," April 1999.) The WCU provisions call for sanctions against people or companies that intentionally introduce species without the prior authorization of national "biosecurity" agencies.
Apple's "1984" commercial runs during the Super Bowl to introduce the Macintosh