intrinsicoid deflection

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a turning aside. In the electrocardiogram, a deviation of the curve from the isoelectric baseline; that is, any wave or complex.
H deflection the segment on an electrocardiogram that represents activation of the bundle of His.
intrinsicoid deflection measured on unipolar precordial leads, the interval from the earliest onset of the QRS complex to the peak of the last R wave, representing the arrival of the impulse under the electrode. Called also R peak time.

in·trin·si·coid de·flec·tion

the abrupt downstroke from latest positivity when the electrode is placed not directly on the muscle but at a distance, as in the unipolar chest leads in clinical electrocardiography.

intrinsicoid deflection

EKG An abrupt deflection that falls between Q and R seen on unipolar precordial leads–eg, V1 to V6 in Pts with BBBs. See Bundle branch block, Deflection.