intrinsic muscles

in·trin·sic mus·cles

muscles fully contained (origin, belly, and insertion) within the structure under consideration. For example, the interossei and lumbrical muscles are intrinsic muscles of the hand.
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Intrinsic Muscles Stretch or Shake Hands with Your Feet
The extrinsic tongue muscles along with the intrinsic muscles control the instantaneous shape of tongue.
The intrinsic muscles originate and insert within the tongue and have no bony attachments.
Anatomically when we talk about the origin and insertion of these muscles, specifically the bellies of intrinsic muscles are placed in hand and bellies of extrinsic muscles are present in the forearm.
Ultrasound has been used with greater frequency to evaluate the arytenoid cartilages and the intrinsic muscles of the larynx.
The intrinsic muscles were not injected as injecting them might cause a complete paralysis and the study was focussed more on the large muscle groups instead of small ones.
It involved the right floor of the mouth and tongue including the genioglossus, the hyoglossus, the mylohyoid, and the intrinsic muscles of the tongue (Figure 2).
Repeated trials of this exercise can fatigue the intrinsic muscles.
There is increasing calcification and ossification of laryngeal cartilages, atrophy of intrinsic muscles, and degenerative changes in the joints.
Physical examination of upper limbs was normal except mild atrophy of left hand intrinsic muscles and right Hoffmann's sign.
A single-layer ANN with the input of the signals from electrodes on three intrinsic muscles is used as a nonlinear regression model of the force.