intravoxel dephasing

in·tra·vox·el de·phas·ing

(in'tră-voks'ĕl dē-fāz'ing)
Phase difference between flow and stationary nuclei in a voxel.
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Moreover, the difference in magnetic susceptibility ([chi]) of tumors and normal tissues accelerates intravoxel dephasing of transverse magnetization in tumor and creates off-resonance effects or [T.sup.*sub.2] contrast, a combination of spin-spin relaxation ([T.sub.2]) and [B.sub.0] magnetic field inhomogeneity [25].
Improved contrast between brain parenchyma and blood vessels has been documented as being 1.26 times higher than that of studies without MTC.[13] High resolution imaging also helps reduce intravoxel dephasing and partial volume artifacts.