Within the vitreous body.
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, intravitreous (in″tră-vi′trē-ăl) (in″tră-vi′trē-ŭs) [ intra- + L. vitreus, glassy]
Within the vitreous body of the eye.
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Macular hole surgery with internal-limiting membrane peeling and intravitreous air.
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Analyses of the immunocytochemistry in the retinal dissociated culture and in retinal explants from animals submitted to the same treatment (PTEN gene deletion within retinal ganglion cells, associated to zymosan and cAMP intravitreous injection) indicated that they do express the receptor Plexin A1 in Tuj-1-positive neurites and cell bodies (Figures 6(a)-6(f)).
In addition, an intravitreous injection of preactivated polyclonal Tregs was also shown to suppress uveitis in mice [67].
The most common approaches for delivering donor cells, including stem cells, retinal progenitors, retinal-pigmented epithelium (RPE), and retinal ganglion cells (RGCs), are subretinal injection [1] and intravitreous injection.
At present, intraocular treatment modalities for diabetic eye disease include laser photocoagulation, intravitreous injections of anti-VEGF and steroid agents, and vitreoretinal surgery [58].
Recent studies do not support the hypothesis of vascular normalization in the eyes receiving intravitreous antivascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF).
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