intravenous regional anesthesia

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Bier block

a form of selective intravenous regional anesthesia of the distal arm or leg in which a tourniquet is applied and local anesthesia is injected through a cannula in the distal extremity.
See also: Bier method.
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in·tra·ve·nous re·gion·al an·es·the·si·a

(in'trā-vē'nŭs rē'jŭn-ăl an'es-thē'zē-ă)
Regional anesthesia by intravenous injection of local anesthetic solution distal to an occlusive tourniquet in an extremity previously exsanguinated by pressure or gravity.
Synonym(s): Bier method (1) .
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August K.G., German surgeon, 1861-1949.
Bier amputation - osteoplastic amputation of the tibia and fibula.
Bier amputation saw
Bier block anesthesia
Bier combined treatment
Bier hyperemia
Bier method - (1) Synonym(s): intravenous regional anesthesia; - (2) treatment of various surgical conditions by reactive hyperemia.
Bier spots - Synonym(s): Marshall-White syndrome
Bier syndrome - Synonym(s): Marshall-White syndrome
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