intravenous push

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in·tra·ve·nous push

(IVP) (in'tră-vē'nŭs push)
A method of quickly injecting medications into a vein.
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The dosing schedule was 30 mg/[m.sup.2] via intravenous push over 3-5 minutes once a week for 6 weeks (followed by a 1-week interval), with cycles continued until disease progression or for 24 months.
Levine sued Wyeth on the grounds that the company had not done enough to disclose the dangers of Phenergan, despite Food and Drug Administration-approved labels warning of the dangers of administering the drug through the intravenous push method.
The new protocol states that following return of the extracorpeal blood, the arterial and venous catheter lumens would be instilled with normal saline only, administered by intravenous push. Pre-dialysis, the saline would be removed and both catheter lumens checked for patency using the push-pull method.

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