intravenous feeding

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1. the taking of food.
2. the giving of food.
3. in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as providing nutritional intake for a patient who is unable to feed self.
artificial feeding feeding of a baby with food other than mother's milk.
bottle feeding in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as preparation and administration of fluids to an infant via a bottle.
breast feeding breastfeeding.
enteral tube feeding in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as delivering nutrients and water through a gastrointestinal tube.
forced feeding administration of food by force to those who cannot or will not receive it.
intravenous feeding administration of nutrient fluids through a vein; see also intravenous infusion and parenteral nutrition.
feeding procedures in the omaha system, any method of giving food or fluid, including breast, formula, intravenous, or tube.
supplemental feeding a planned additional food or nutrient that is added to the usual diet, often as a powder, formula, or tablet.
tube feeding see tube feeding.
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intravenous feeding

The provision of total or partial nutritional requirements intravenously; essential in treating some diseases. It is accomplished by carefully controlling the composition of fluid given with respect to total calories derived from protein hydrolysates, dextrose, and fat emulsions, and the electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins. Patients unable to safely eat have been completely maintained for extended periods via intravenous nutritional support, usually through a major vein, such as the subclavian or the jugular.
See: total parenteral nutrition
See also: feeding
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Cholestatis also can occur in patients who are getting all their nutrition through intravenous feeding, because the gallbladder never receives the signal from the small intestine to release bile acids.
George's healthcare directive clearly stipulated that, if he were ever unable to make medical decisions for himself and had no hope of recovery, he wanted to die without any life-prolonging measures--not even fluids or intravenous feeding. Medication to keep him out of pain was the only thing he wished.
As a result, they may require parenteral nutrition (intravenous feeding) or enteral nutrition (tube feeding), medically necessary food products to supplement their diets, and medications.
Oral mucositis can be extremely painful and can have a devastating impact on patients, who often require longer hospitalization, higher doses of morphine, and intravenous feeding to receive nutrition and maintain hydration.
The court found that force-feeding the alien was reasonable and did not offend the alien's First Amendment right of privacy, so long as a nasogastric tube or intravenous feeding procedures were employed.
The patient was too ill for the operation but nurses were not told of the cancellation and failed to inform the medical staff that the intravenous feeding in her arm had ceased.
New guidelines on the intravenous feeding of sick premature babies were issued yesterday after a spate of deaths.
He defeated a man who desperately needed an intravenous feeding of charisma.
"She will never receive medical aid," he writes, "because the volatile warfare in Sudan will prevent international aid agencies from bringing in the basic intravenous feeding equipment that will prolong her son's life.
The conditions developed as a result of intravenous feeding the boy had undergone because he was seriously dehydrated, Okada said.
19, dozens of riot police commanded by an army general swept through the encampment, clubbing protesters, tearing tents and carting Magana Jimenez and another striker to a nearby hospital for forced intravenous feeding. Representatives from the Mexico City mayor's office called the raid humanitarian," claiming it enforced health regulations.
Intravenous feeding produced its side-effect of liver failure.

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