intravascular fluid

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in·tra·vas·cu·lar flu·id

(in'tră-vas'kyū-lăr flū'id)
The totality of the bodily fluids present in the cardiovascular system and within the lymphatic vessels.
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intravascular fluid

That portion of the total body fluid contained within blood and lymphatic vessels.
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There was no evidence of intravascular fluid absorption manifesting as significant change in serum sodium levels perioperatively, and serum sodium concentration remained between 132 and 147 meq/L.
Albumin creates the oncotic pressure in the intravascular fluid compartment allowing for the movement of fluid from interstitial tissue to intravascular space (Amato, et al., 2008).
The concept that hypoalbuminaemia directly causes oedema due to fluid extravasation can be challenged, as there is insufficient intravascular fluid to cause any significant expansion of the interstitial space.
That study of nearly 500 patients confirmed that albumin is independently associated with mortality in TBI patients when it is used for intravascular fluid resuscitation in the first 28 days.
The damaged liver fails to produce adequate levels of albumin, which is necessary to maintain the colloid osmotic pressure of intravascular fluid. (2) Hypoalbuminemia leads to fluid leakage from the capillary beds allowing the fluid to collect in the surrounding tissues.
The recipient twin also may experience cardiac problems due to the increase in intravascular fluid (hypervolemia).[10,11]

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