intravascular fluid

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intravascular fluid

a term sometimes used to refer to that part of the extracellular fluid that is within the blood vessels, i.e., the plasma.

in·tra·vas·cu·lar flu·id

(in'tră-vas'kyū-lăr flū'id)
The totality of the bodily fluids present in the cardiovascular system and within the lymphatic vessels.

intravascular fluid

That portion of the total body fluid contained within blood and lymphatic vessels.
See also: fluid


within a vessel or vessels.

disseminated intravascular coagulation
see disseminated intravascular coagulation.
intravascular fluid
that part of the total body fluid that is within the vascular system.
intravascular space
the space occupied by the blood.
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Mechanically ventilated patients have a higher mean CVP, more indicative of mean intrathoracic pressure than of cardiac filling or intravascular fluid status.
Intravascular fluid is the plasma component of blood (McCance & Huether, 1998).
As a basis for determining the intravascular fluid volume available for removal during dialysis, an important step in determining EDW, a quick overview of intravascular refill is warranted.
The theory supporting this procedure is based on the increase in hematocrit that occurs with intravascular fluid removal.
Severe malnutrition may be complicated by hypoalbuminaemia and sepsis, which both lead to poor retention of intravascular fluids and complications related to extravascular leakage.

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