prenatal life

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pre·na·tal life

that interval of life between conception and birth; in humans, usually divided into embryonic and fetal periods.
Synonym(s): intrauterine life
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Doctors told the parents that it was likely that the tumour had developed during the child's intrauterine life.
Exposure to noticeable oxidative stress in the intrauterine life has been deemed to lead to intrauterine fetal death2-4 and poor perinatal outcome5.
The child was breathless and we suspect that he developed the tumour during intrauterine life," Dr Kunhi said.
The sites where ectopic meningiomas have been reported with a higher frequency include those where neural tube closure problems during intrauterine life could have led to the development of meningeal rests.
The assumption is therefore that the legal definition of gestational age should be in keeping with time of intrauterine life and be indicated as from conception (generally medically regarded as 2 weeks after the first day of the LNMP).
According to Furze and Basso, the first dental visit should be around the fourth month of intrauterine life.
There are several embryological theories available; some advocate a developmental arrest between the 5th and 12th week of intrauterine life.
During the intrauterine life, due to some unknown etiological factor inappropiate closure of the anterior neuropore occurs which causes an outpouching of the meninges and the neural tissue.
Besides these deformities, children are also diagnosed with Amastia, a total absence of breast tissue and nipple-areola, congenital nipple inversion which is caused by tethering and shortening of breast ducts, and development of fibrous bands behind the nipples during intrauterine life.
The details of counseling depend on an accurate cardiac diagnosis, association with extra-cardiac malformations, gestational age, natural history of the malformation in intrauterine life, and surgical options.
During intrauterine life the growing foetus is dependent on continous placental transfer of nutrients.

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