Within the tendinous portion of a muscle, e.g., intratendinous olecranon bursa.
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While evaluating the tears of SST: 1) partial tears are seen as irregular bordered hypoechoic fields in intratendinous, bursal or articular side and bursal side tears flatten the bursal side and cause a decrease in the superior convexity of the tendon.
(22) compared two commercially available PRP systems (LR-PRP versus LP-PRP) to see the differences in response after performing intratendinous injections in patellar tendons of healthy rabbits.
Intratendinous injections of platelet-rich plasma: feasibility and effect on tendon morphology and mechanics.
In addition, due to irregular echogenicity along the tendon, interruption of the fibrillar echotexture, and the presence of hypoechoic intratendinous foci in two of these rabbits in the HA group, one in the SF group, and one in the C group, the tendons were considered suspect of rupture.
There is a discrepancy between cadaver and clinical studies, because intratendinous tears are more difficult to diagnose with arthroscopy, MRI or ultrasound than bursal or articular tears.
Sonographically guided intratendinous injections of hyperosmolar dextrose/lidocaine: a pilot study for the treatment of chronic plantar fasciitis.
The prevalence of intratendinous aggregates and tophi in gout was most frequent at the distal patellar insertion, followed by the quadriceps, Achilles, and proximal patellar insertion ones [5].
Clinical and magnetic resonance imaging results of arthroscopic repair of intratendinous partial-thickness rotator cuff tears.
Occurrence in other joints as well as intraosseous and intratendinous ganglia are much less common.
Eccentric training of the gastrocnemius and soleus complex in chronic Achilles tendinopathy results in decreased tendon volume and intratendinous signal as evaluated by MRI.