Within the spleen.
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12,13] But according to Touloukian et al, true cysts result from fluid collection secondary to spontaneous intrasplenic bleeding.
Color Doppler ultrasonography can demonstrate the vasculature of the mass (including the intrasplenic arteries and veins along the cyst walls).
Intrasplenic injection of B16 melanoma cells to recipient mice with Pcsk9 wild type (WT) and Pcsk9 (KO) was performed to study cancer cell behavior.
The study examines effectiveness of intrasplenic transplantation of isolated hepatocytes to correct severe form of liver failure in experimental animals.
Intrasplenic artery, hepatic artery and portal vein catheterization in chronic liver diseases (31).
Four out of five patients who had splenomegaly showed evidence of increased intrasplenic pressure (30-36 cm salne) suggesting portal hypertension.
Ultrasonography showed subcapsular haematoma of spleen in one case and intrasplenic haematoma with intraperitoneal collection in other case.
Mouse hepatocytes migrate to liver parenchyma and function indefinitely after intrasplenic transplantation.