Within the spleen.
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Therapeutic efficacy and biodistribution of allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells delivered by intrasplenic and intrapancreatic routes in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice.
Ma et al., "Monitoring of intrasplenic hepatocyte transplantation for acute-on-chronic liver failure: A prospective five-year follow-up study," Transplantation Proceedings, vol.
In our study, we chose intravenous injection rather than intrasplenic injection used in the previous work, which is an easy and convenient way of cell delivery, being less invasive and traumatic to the recipient [36].
describes a case of haemoperitoneum due to SAM with embolization of "the greater omental artery branched off from the intrasplenic artery," that is to say, a similar case to ours; however embolization "did not realize hemostasis" and patient was operated on with partial resection of the greater omentum the same day [13].
Our main hypothesis had remained a thrombotic microangiopathy despite the absence of peripheral schistocytosis and intrasplenic TMA was finally confirmed by these vascular lesions.
There are several possible theories which might explain the mechanisms that how pancreatitis leads to subcapsular splenic hematoma: (1) erosion of splenic parenchyma after pancreatic enzyme leakage, resulting in either a splenic hematoma or intrasplenic bleeding, (2) disruption of splenic hilar vessels leading to subcapsular splenic hematoma, and (3) expansion of intrasplenic pseudocysts resulting in splenic rupture and bleeding [8].
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The ovarian tissue has been shown to be well adapted in ectopic places such as the anterior chamber of eye (Goodman, 1934), cheek pouch (Caldwell et al., 1966), subcutaneously (Chihal et al., 1976), under kidney capsule (Henzl et al., 1971; Mangoushi, 1977; Uilenbroek et al., 1978, Felicio et al., 1983) and intrasplenic (McGowan & Davis, 1970; Uilenbroek et al.), being under the kidney capsule where best follicular development was obtained.
[12,13] But according to Touloukian et al, true cysts result from fluid collection secondary to spontaneous intrasplenic bleeding.
Color Doppler ultrasonography can demonstrate the vasculature of the mass (including the intrasplenic arteries and veins along the cyst walls).
Intrasplenic injection of B16 melanoma cells to recipient mice with Pcsk9 wild type (WT) and Pcsk9 (KO) was performed to study cancer cell behavior.