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Intrarater reliability decreased with the decreasing experience of the observer.
The value of intrarater reliability of the work abilities of the group aged 17-19 years and that of the work attitudes of the group aged 14-16 years were 0.690 and 0.700, respectively, which were higher than those of the previous study (0.54 and 0.640, resp.).
Jalaie, "The interrater and intrarater reliability of the Modified Ashworth Scale in the assessment of muscle spasticity: limb and muscle group effect," NeuroRehabilitation, vol.
Thus, in total, 98 percent of targeted primary chart reviews, 89 percent of interrater reliability reviews, 94 percent of intrarater reliability reviews, and 88 percent of experienced review team reviews were completed.
Interrater and Intrarater Reliability and Normative Values of Chest Wall Expansion in Healthy Population Ages 19-30
Intrarater reliability. To test the intrarater reliability of the FAPRS coding system, Rater 1 coded three sessions of Dyad A at two different points in time.
Intrarater reliability is concerned with consistent scoring by the same rater.
Interrater and intrarater reliability agreement was calculated for 30% of the participants' responses (i.e., 18 response packets), all randomly selected.
Predicated on this study and others, the authors suggest that utilizing a fixed lever arm instead of a tester's hand may improve the reliability of both the interrater and intrarater reliability of the Microfet HHD.
In order to measure the intrarater reliability, 10 individuals (approximately 22% of all participants) were randomly selected and interviewed again using the same questionnaire approximately one month after the first interview.
* Intrarater reliability: the degree to which the assessment yields consistent results when used by the same teacher more than one time (with the same students performing at the same level);
Intrarater reliability was determined by having the second nurse weigh the infant twice for each scale.