Within the prostate gland.
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EPE (focally or extensively), intraprostatic incision (IPI), surgical margin positivity (PSM) in the presence of IPI, and PSM in the presence of EPE are the parameters which are commonly used in RP reports besides the identification of tumor characteristics such as grade, volume, pathological stage, and surgical margin status.
When complete flow stasis was observed on the postembolization angiograms, distal advancement of the microcatheter into the intraprostatic branches was considered, as per "PErFecTED" technique ("Proximal Embolization First, Then Embolize Distal": first, embolization of the PA proximal to its branching to the central and peripheral zone; then, distal advancement of the microcatheter for intraprostatic embolization) (15).
Is there an additional value of 11C-choline PET/CTto T2-weighted MRI images in the localization of intraprostatic tumor nodules?
FT is a well-tolerated and efficacious clinic-based treatment for BPH involving an intraprostatic injection that requires only a few minutes to administer, with no catheter nor anesthesia requirements.
Intraprostatic botulinum neurotoxin type A injection for benign prostatic hyperplasia: preliminary results with a newly purified neurotoxin.
Recurrent prostate cancer after external beam radiotherapy: value of contrastenhanced dynamic MRI in localizing intraprostatic tumorcorrelation with biopsy findings.
Interestingly, following medical or surgical castration, the intraprostatic concentration of DHT is about 40% of that measured in the prostates of intact 65-yr-old men.
However, some evidence of intraprostatic inflammation was observed on histopathologic evaluation; whether that inflammation was related to the surgical procedure or to C4 was unclear.
Gardiner et al., published the first prospective human study measuring intraprostatic fosfomycin concentrations after administration of a single 3 g oral preoperative dose to patients undergoing transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) [9].
MRI confirmed the cystic nature of the prostatic lesion as a well-delimited median intraprostatic structure, hyperintense T2 and hypointense T1 (Figure 1, Panels (a), (b), and (d)).
(49) that there was improvement in urinary symptoms after intraprostatic injections of BoNT in 4 patients with nonbacterial prostatitis.
Uncertainty about the significance of serum testosterone determinations stem from the finding that they are a poor reflection of prostate tissue androgen levels, (2) but perhaps more confounding is the realization that following medical castration, there is a decrease of 94% in serum testosterone levels while intraprostatic testosterone and dihydrotestosterone remain at 20-30% of pre-castration levels.