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Denoting the psychological dynamics that occur inside the mind without reference to the person's exchanges with other people or events.
Synonym(s): intrapersonal


Existing or occurring within the individual self or mind.

in′tra·per′son·al·ly adv.
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with regard to her self-esteem), the clinician can use more insight-oriented therapies or motivational interviewing techniques to help resolve the discordance that is being intrapersonally wrought.
Thus, our claim is that these novelties, to be sustained, need to be intrapersonally and interpersonally validated, meaning that self and significant others need to conceptualize somehow these novelties as personal changes, and not as the same story.
In contrast, mothers were considered more inter- and intrapersonally intelligent, as well as more emotionally and creatively intelligent.
The outcome of a sporting event clearly affects a fan intrapersonally.
A serious notion of individuality that stresses the value of independent thought and action can still invite hard paternalism if that is necessary to maximize, intrapersonally, one's exercise of independent thought and action.
Therefore, the "capacity for self-transcendence occurs through a sense of relatedness experienced intrapersonally (as a connectedness within oneself), interpersonally (in the context of others and the natural environment), and transpersonally (referring to a sense of relatedness to the unseen, God, or power greater than the self and ordinary resources)" (Reed, 1992, p.
Some of these behaviors are experiential or intrapersonally focused; however, the impact of those behaviors ultimately resides in an interpersonal context.
Emotional intelligence is the use of emotions intrapersonally, to help yourself, and interpersonally, to help others.
In short, responses from the questionnaire and in-depth interviews pointed to the same conclusion: Self-help group participation has an empowerment effect, intrapersonally, interpersonally and collectively.
Although there were benefits of being a member of a privileged group, the participants struggled intrapersonally with privilege (i.
Love heals schisms intrapersonally and interpersonally, and it can unify the disparate and the antithetical.
A given author's or reader's voice, whether articulated intrapersonally or interpersonally, may echo at different points in this special issue as a teacher, a traveler, a policy maker, a writer, a theorist, a parent, a researcher, an activist.