intrapersonal conflict

in·tra·per·son·al con·flict

a conflict that occurs solely in the psychological dynamics of the person's own mind. See: intrapsychic.
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So far we have highlighted what might be called the phenomenological factors of intrapersonal conflict.
In private radio station female reporters encounter intrapersonal conflict and in public radio stations female producers encounter interpersonal conflict.
To study and apply the concept of defining moments (Badaracco, 1998) and intrapersonal conflict (Bazerman, Tenbrunsel, & Wade-Benzoni, 1998; O'Connor, De Dreu, Holly, Bruce, Terri, & Bazerman, 2002) as well as their roles in the manager's choices.
This discrepancy in acculturation may result in increased familial stress (Cerhan, 1990) as well as intrapersonal conflict for the younger generation of Hmong (Domanico, Crawford, & Wolfe, 1994).
To focus on the conflict between prudence and authenticity we must focus on a special kind of intrapersonal conflict of value.
7) The degree to which outward behavior differs from internal behavior expectations contributes to the amount of intrapersonal conflict experienced as a result of making an ethical decision.
Intrapersonal conflict makes it possible to talk of multiple selves--serial, parallel or simultaneously vying for power over the body--and to understand seemingly irrational behavior such as wasting possible savings earnings by depositing money into Christmas savings accounts--understandable as 'truces' in ongoing intrapersonal battles for control.
Intrapersonal conflict may occur when experiences contradict rol expectations.
9-13] Intrapersonal conflict, interpersonal interaction and relationship were reported as stressors for medical students, such as poor motivation to learn, conflict with other students, teachers and personnel.
Jenna, too, may be dealing with an intrapersonal conflict about the intersection of intelligence, gender, and race and ethnicity.
05) at 6 months between SG and NSG group responses for intrapersonal conflict, with higher group means observed for shared governance units.