intraoral examination

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in·tra·o·ral ex·am·i·na·tion

(intră-ōrăl eg-zami-nāshŭn)
Overall evaluation of the oral cavity to assess the status of the oral tissues and structures.
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Caption: Figure 1: An intraoral examination reveals generalized, diffused, and nodular enlargement of the gingiva involving the upper and lower arches
At the intraoral examination, multiple restorations were observed, presence of caries and teeth in the state of root rest (Fig.
On intraoral examination the painless, firm, swelling of (6 x 7 x 8 cm) mass was located in the right hemimandibular body covered by a normal oral mucosa.
Intraoral examination revealed a swelling on the dorsal part of the tongue, approximately 1.5 x 1.5 cm in size, with numerous papillary and vesicle-like projections resulting in a granular and transparent appearance (Figure 1).
An intraoral examination showed an ulcerated mass around the right buccal mucosa at a right angle to the mouth (Figure 1(a)), and CT imaging revealed a 31 x 18 mm enhanced lesion around the right buccal region (Figure 1(b)) and an enlarged submandibular lymph node (Figure 1(c)).
Intraoral examination revealed generalized gingival hyperplasia with a greater severity in the palatal region (Figure 1(a)).
Intraoral examination revealed a thickened, firm, pale, and enlarged crenated tongue, rigidity of the oral mucosa, and xerostomia.
A comprehensive intraoral examination showed that the left side of the patients soft palate was normal in appearance.
Intraoral examination showed pooling of saliva in oral cavity.
Intraoral examination revealed mild gingivitis and moderate rate of caries with heavily stained teeth due to heavy smoking.

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