intraoperative lymphatic mapping

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the creation on a flat surface of a representation of an area, showing the relative position of various features.
cardiac mapping an electrophysiological procedure in which electric potentials recorded by electrodes placed directly on the heart are processed to give a two-dimensional display of the origin and path of an electrical impulse as it depolarizes the heart.
genetic mapping determination of the location of genes on chromosomes.
intraoperative lymphatic mapping sentinel node biopsy.
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Preoperative lymphoscintigraphy identified at least one sentinel node in 87% of patients, while intraoperative lymphatic mapping identified sentinel nodes in all patients.
Neoprobe Corporation designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative probes and control units for surgeons' use in gamma guided surgical procedures, including intraoperative lymphatic mapping. Neoprobe devices are indicated for external and intraoperative detection of radioactivity in body tissues or organs, such as bowel, bone, lymphatics and red blood cells, where radiopharmaceuticals are administered.
This strategy involves identification of the sentinel node through intraoperative lymphatic mapping. (See Fig.

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