Within a nerve.
[intra- + G. neuron, nerve]
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35] The extraneural pressure on the nerve may be eliminated by either simple decompression or anterior transposition, whereas the intraneural pressure remains unchanged, reaching 45% greater than the extraneural pressure inside the tunnel and 63% greater than the extraneural pressure at 4 cm proximal to the tunnel with the elbow flexed at 130[degrees].
Microscopically it showed areas of tumor necrosis (Figure 2, B), solid areas with high-grade invasive tumor (Figure 2, C), and intraneural invasion (Figure 2, D).
These disturbances in the intraneural blood and oxygen flow in the perineural and intraneural regions of the nerve lead to irregularities in axonal transport and fibrosis of the nerve itself.
Passive neurodynamic mobilization has been shown to promote nerve function by limiting or altering intraneural fluid accumulation, preventing the adverse effects of intraneural edema.
Compressao e tracao nervosa podem criar, de maneira sequencial, problemas na microcirculacao sanguinea intraneural, lesoes no nivel da bainha de mielina e no nivel axonal, e alteracoes no tecido conjuntivo de suporte (13).
Estos pequenos vasos alcanzaron a los nervios peroneo y tibial, los recorrieron hacia proximal y cuando llegaron al nervio isquiatico se continuaron en forma intraneural.
Initial pump parameters also considered the evidence that PIEB labor analgesia has a higher threshold for motor blockade because the intraneural concentration is reduced as local anesthetic diffuses out of the nerve between boluses (8).
Internal neurolysis was performed as indicated by intra-operative findings of firmness, intraneural fibrosis, and/or loss of perineurial markings.
Thus, this case was diagnosed as a peroneal intraneural ganglion, and the epithelium was dissected carefully.
Several authors indicate that multiple intraneural perineuriomas in chickens may be associated with avian leuckosis virus causing fowl glioma.
Most of the ganglionic cysts described in the literature causing peroneal nerve compression were of an intraneural type.
Palisaded encapsulated neuroma(PEN) is a benign intraneural neuroma presenting as a solitary, sessile,immobile, asymptomatic, skin-coloured papule or nodule, commonly affecting the butterfly area of the face of a middle-aged person.