Within a nerve.
[intra- + G. neuron, nerve]
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They do this by stimulating the optic nerve with a new type of intraneural electrode called OpticSELINE.
Researchers from EPFL in Switzerland and Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Italy will be doing this by stimulating the optic nerve with intraneural electrode known as OpticSELINE.
Ghezzi continues, 'For now, we know that intraneural stimulation has the potential to provide informative visual patterns.
Various proposed mechanisms for radicular pain include partial axonal damage, neuroma formation, and demyelination; intraneural edema; and impaired microcirculation.
The potential complications of LFCN blockage such as nerve puncture, intraneural injection, unintentional motor blocks of femoral and obturator nerve involvement, and intravascular injections could be avoided with US guidance.
Perineural and intraneural invasion in posttherapy pancreaticoduodenectomy specimens predicts poor prognosis in patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.
The cubital tunnel cross-sectional area decreases in 55% of the cases as the intraneural pressure increases up to 20 times (1,9-11).
Diagnostic utility of SOX10 to distinguish malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor from synovial sarcoma, including intraneural synovial sarcoma.
Intraneural and extraneural tumors, hypertrophy seen in athletes in muscles, ganglion of tibiofibular joint, peroneal vascular aneurism, osteochondroma of proximal tibia and fibula, aneurismal bone cyst are the reasons of internal pressure.
MRI should be used for visualizing nerve integrity, neural ischemia, edema, intraneural hematoma, and possible adjacent dural enhancement.