Within the myocardium.
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In the Phase 2 trial, a single intramyocardial injection of Revascor at the time of LVAD implantation resulted in a 76% reduction in major GI bleeding events and 65% reduction in related hospitalizations in the overall patient population studied.
CLBS14, administered via intramyocardial injection, is formulated specifically to enhance the potency of the natural process whereby CD34+ cells repair and regenerate microvasculature.
Burkhart et al., Autologous stem cell therapy for hypoplastic left heart syndrome: Safety and feasibility of intraoperative intramyocardial injections.
"In the setting of acute MI, cardiac MR can also be used to assess the presence and extent of myocardium at risk (myocardial edema), myocardial salvage, microvascular obstruction, intramyocardial hemorrhage, and infarct size, all markers of myocardial injury that have prognostic value," according to the fourth definition.
However, the smoothness of the graft flow curve may be a reliable predictor of postoperative graft patency.[13] Several articles on intraoperative bypass graft flow have been published: an MGF of >20 ml/min is considered indicative of a good graft and the PI <3 is considered an adequate value for a good graft.[14],[15]Lowensohn et al .[16] stated that the RCA systolic flow was proportionately significantly greater than the LCA systolic flow, and the differences between the RCA and LCA systolic flow may be explained by the temporal relationships between the coronary perfusion pressure and intramyocardial tension.
Intramyocardial hydatid cyst involving the left ventricle
CHICAGO--Median intramyocardial triglyceride content was nearly four times higher in a group of middle-age women living with HIV compared with peers without the infection, according to a recent study that also found an association between high myocardial lipids and lower diastolic function.
Physiologically, intramyocardial fat tissue is predominantly located in the right ventricle, while only a small amount is found in the left ventricular wall, in its apical part (7).
Intramyocardial sewing needle extracted one year after insertion.
Embryologically, they seem to represent persistent junctions of primordial epicardial vessels with intramyocardial sinusoidal circulation.