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Referring to situations and events within a molecule.
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Sun, "Intramolecularly folded G-quadruplex and i-motif structures in the proximal promoter of the vascular endothelial growth factor gene," Nucleic Acids Research, vol.
intramolecularly) must also be reflected in an increase of forces between molecules (i.e.
The spectrum of PVA (Figure 1b) shows a peak at 3423[cm.sup.-1] indicating the presence of intramolecularly hydrogen bonded hydroxyl groups in single bridge compounds.
Antioxidant activity of phenols in intramolecularly cooperating stabilizing systems.
The absorption bands at [lambda]=1432 nm, 1484 nm, and 1580 nm are due to OH groups in the amorphous, semi-crystalline, and intramolecularly hydrogen-bonded crystalline regions in cellulose (Table 2).
Intramolecularly, the P-E polymers are random copolymers of propylene and ethylene.
The free end of the modified chromophores can associate intramolecularly through hydrogen bonding.
developed an efficient, Pdcatalyzed Heck reaction in which the 2-triflate substituted aryl ketone series 74 was coupled and intramolecularly cyclized with enamine 75 at [C.sub.4f]-[C.sub.4]/[N.sub.2]-[C.sub.3] and isomerized to produce four examples of ring-fluorinated and fluoroarylated isoquinolines 76 [49].
The signal of the phenolic proton in the free ligand at [delta] 12.8 ppm (intramolecularly H-bonded phenolic group) is absent in the spectrum of the complex, thus confirming the deprotonation of the phenolic group on complex formation.
The first cleavage may occur either intramolecularly or intermolecularly, but the following cleavages are thought to occur intermolecularly.
The polar bonding can occur between cellobiose (intermolecularly), within different parts of a single cellobiose (intramolecularly), or between cellobiose and water molecules.
As expected, TGA thermograms show decreasing weight loss with increasing stabilization time indicating increasing thermal stability and the carbon yield due to the effects of increasing amount of intermolecularly crosslinked and intramolecularly cyclized ring structure during the thermal stabilization.

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