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Referring to situations and events within a molecule.
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"Intramolecular singlet fission has been demonstrated by our group and others, but the resulting excitons were either generated very slowly, or they wouldn't last very long," Campos said.
In 4, the similar intramolecular hydrogen bond O(5)-H(5)***O(6) with 3 is included.
Comparatively, all POSS additives disperse within the elastomer; however, some intramolecular aggregation of MA0735 was identifiable by the observance of 200-500 nm domains relative to micron sized zinc oxide particles (figure 4).
The ester bond of PC chains broke to produce free radicals firstly and then intramolecular exchange took place.
Surface tension was measured by two-capillary electronic balance to calculate the relative variation of intramolecular energy.
This was mainly because SDS could associate with the hydrophobic blocks of molecular chains and thereby accelerate the transition from intramolecular association to intermolecular association, which enlarged the hydrodynamic volume of macromolecular chains.
O intramolecular hydrogen bonds is observed which close additional five-membered rings.
Synthesis of benzo[g]coumarin analogues follows the established synthetic routes including the Knoevenagel condensation or Wittig reaction with intramolecular cyclization reaction to o-hydroxynaphthaldehyde (Figure 3(a)) [7].
[O.sub.2] intramolecular hydrogen bond with the second-order perturbation energy of 0.35 kJ/mol.
Previous studies have reported that these sequences form an intramolecular, basket-type antiparallel G-quadruplex [4].
Most organic dyes are composed of a push-pull Donor-[pi]-Acceptor (D-[pi]-A) structure due to its effective better intramolecular charge transfer characteristics [5].
To avoid these acid-mediated side interactions, a site-specific intramolecular activation at the reducing end (direct introduction of the X [union] Y-[H.sup.[delta]+] moiety in Fig.

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