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Referring to situations and events within a molecule.
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Thus, competition between the topological confinements and the enhanced intramolecular interaction following the addition of nanoparticles is manifested.
These additives often engage in moderate intermolecular and intramolecular interactions, providing strong interactions with other system components.
2]O was added to each sample to favor formation of intramolecular hairpins (Fig.
Previous experiments with variable temperature (1)H NMR and X-ray crystallography on ethyl l-melhyl-2-bromomelhyl-4,5-diphenylpyrrole-3-carbo-xylale indicated intramolecular hydrogen bonding between a bromomethyl hydrogen and the ester carbonyl.
In addition, intramolecular forces can also affect the resulting plastic properties:
Annia Rodriguez, from the town of Jojutla, Mexico, worked with John Perona, professor in UCSB's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, to decipher intramolecular communication within a large RNA-protein enzyme responsible for expressing the genetic code for the amino acid glutamine.
Decades have been spend to develop the magnetoreception mechanism and the radical pair mechanism is gaining the most supports, which is based on the magneto-sensitive radical pairs formed by photoinduced intramolecular electron transfer reactions (Ritz et al.
His research interests include the synthesis of biologically active natural products using palladium catalysed cross coupling reactions; domino transformations in synthetic chemistry; medicinal chemistry for the treatment of cancer and immune diseases; and intramolecular Heck reactions using new nickel and palladium catalysts.
Introductory chapters review the medical uses of G-quadruplexes, overview the molecular modeling and simulation of G-quadruplexes and quadruplex-ligand complexes, and describe computational approaches to the detection and analysis of sequences with intramolecular G-quadruplex forming potential.
Specifically, DSM isolated Waglerin-1 in snake venom, which is a polypeptide with a chain length of 22 amino acids, a molecular mass of 2522Da and an intramolecular disulphide bond between Cys9 and Cys13.
Eventually, other degrees of freedom, associated with the vibrational and bending modes of the intramolecular hydroxyl bonds (H-OH) themselves, will become increasingly populated.

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