(in'tră-mĕ-nin'jē-ăl), Avoid the mispronunciation intrameninge'al.
Within or enclosed by the meninges of the brain or spinal cord.
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- ectopic neolymphogenesis - implying the formation of ectopic lymphoid structures similar to follicles in intrameningeal spaces (Fig.
It is believed that these intrameningeal follicles can be the source of latent EBV infection the potential role of which in MS development is not sufficiently researched, but there is some evidence that repeating latent EBV infection might trigger the autoimmune cascade (11-15).
Studies have found that the source of latent EBV infection may be ectopic aggregates of B cellular follicles, so called ectopic tertiary lymphoid tissues (TLT) in the intrameningeal spaces.
In diencephalic regions there were few vessels with few lymphocytes in the Virchow-Robin spaces and few small foci of intrameningeal lymphocytes present.
These can occur due to not performing aspiration prior to intraarterial injections, and using a long needle or not ensuring the eye is in neutral position for intrameningeal injections.
In particular, apnea or cardiac manifestations occur within seconds with intraarterial injections, while these findings appear more slowly with intrameningeal spread, over the course of minutes.
Diagnosis of neuroborreliosis must be confirmed by the presence of pleocytosis in cerebrospinal fluid and intrameningeal production of antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi both in IgM and IgG class.
In addition to 2 live nematodes removed from the abdominal cavity, a massive intrameningeal blood clot was seen ventral to the brain at the level of the thalamus and midbrain.
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