intramembranous ossification

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formation of or conversion into bone or a bony substance.
ectopic ossification a pathological condition in which bone arises in tissues not in the osseous system and in connective tissues usually not manifesting osteogenic properties.
endochondral ossification ossification that occurs in and replaces cartilage.
heterotrophic ossification metaplastic ossification.
intramembranous ossification ossification of bone that occurs in and replaces connective tissue.
metaplastic ossification the development of bony substance in normally soft body structures; called also heterotrophic ossification.
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mem·bra·nous os·si·fi·ca·tion

development of osseous tissue within mesenchymal tissue without prior cartilage formation, such as occurs in the frontal and parietal bones.
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'A model for intramembranous ossification during fracture healing'.
Fracture healing involves primary recruitment, proliferation, and differentiation of both osteoprogenitors (osteoblast progenitors), for intramembranous ossification, and undifferentiated mesenchymal cells, for endochondral bone formation (Barnes et al.
The pathological findings did not indicate intramembranous ossification. The histological diagnosis was HO of the peroneus longus tendon.
While endochondral ossification gives rise to long bones, facial bones, vertebrae, and the lateral medial clavicles, the intramembranous ossification gives rise to the flat bones that comprise the cranium and medial clavicles (Ornitz & Marie, 2002).
These include not only areas of intramembranous ossification, such as the developing calvarium, but also areas of endochondral ossification, including vertebral bodies and long bones (Heine et al.).

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