intramedullary nail

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intramedullary nail

A metal rod forced into the medullary cavity of long, weight-bearing bones (e.g., femur, tibia), which allows ambulation within weeks rather than months. Intramedullary nails have a cloverleaf appearance on cross-section and are made of titanium, which has a lower rate of mechanical failure and improved biocompatibility.

Persistent knee pain (present in 3/4 of patients), arthritis (1/3), and atrophy of the quadriceps and calf muscles (1/4).

intramedullary nail

A surgical rod inserted into the intramedullary canal to act as an immobilization device to hold the two ends of a fractured long bone in position.
See also: nail


1. a rod of metal, bone or other material used for fixation of the ends of fractured bones.
2. see horseshoe nail (below).
3. a horny cutaneous plate overlying the dorsal surface of the distal phalanx of the human fingers and toes; similar structures are found in other primates.
4. (loosely) one of the claws of dogs, cats, chickens, etc.

nail bed infection
nail bind
usually used to indicate a nail prick of the horse's hoof caused by the blacksmith driving a nail too close to the soft tissues and causing pressure on the sensitive laminae without penetrating them. See also nail prick (below).
nail-hole curette
a curette with a fine stem and a tiny, half-cup shaped end designed to be inserted in a nail-hole in the hoof to curette out damaged tissue and to provide drainage. Called also Hughes nail-hole curette.
nail dermatophytosis
horseshoe nail
a nail made of a special soft metal and with a specific shape that directs the point of the nail away from the soft tissues and out through the side wall of the hoof.
interlocking nail
an intramedullary nail secured by transverse screws through the proximal and distal fragments.
intramedullary nail
one placed within the medullary cavity, bridging the fracture site and providing support and immobilization although rotation may be a problem. See internal fixation.
nail prick
penetration of the sole of the horse's hoof by a nail or other sharp object to the depth of the sensitive laminae. Causes acute lameness and may lead to infection, hoof abscess and tetanus. See also nail bind (above). Called also nail tread.
pulled nail
an injury common in racing Greyhounds, in which the attachment of the nail to the nail bed is separated by trauma. Causes severe pain and lameness.
nail tread
see nail prick.
nail trimmers
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