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Advancing age, progressive weakening of intestinal smooth muscles and increase in intraduodenal pressure may all encourage the outpouching of the duodenum [13].
The presence of multiple ulcers in the duodenal bulb and the second abdominal CT scan verified the previous intraduodenal presence of the second phytobezoar.
Effects of intraduodenal glutamine on incretin hormone and insulin release, the glycemic response to an intraduodenal glucose infusion, and antropyloroduodenal motility in health and type 2 diabetes.
Self-ingested intraduodenal foreign bodies--expectancy or surgical sanction?
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It has four parts- supraduodenal, retroduodenal, infraduodenal and intraduodenal parts.
In patients with treated CD, intraduodenal instillation of gluten produces characteristic histological changes and an associated marked reduction in disaccharidase activities within 3.5 hours [16].
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Moreover, the intraduodenal administration of ES-EG induces significant hypotensive and antihypertensive effects in 2K1C rats.
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[sup][21] had analyzed the relationship between the blood supply of bile duct and duct hemorrhage, forwarding an opinion that the hepatic porta, and intraduodenal portions of the bile duct are abundantly supplied by an arterial network or arterial circle, and are prone to bleed.