Within the crown portion of a tooth.


Within the crown portion of a tooth.

intracoronal (in´trəkôrō´nəl),

adj pertaining to the inside of the coronal portion of a natural tooth.
intracoronal attachment,
intracoronal retainer,
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There are six chapters: laboratory procedures, and intracoronal and extracoronal attachments, attachments on bars, overdentures, and telescopic crowns.
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Topics include the characteristics and needs of the patient (including diagnosis and stabilization), the restoration and its environment (including applied biology of the teeth, the pathology of caries, and properties of restorative materials) clinical management and techniques (including intracoronal restorations, deep cavities, root canal, periodontal treatment, occlusion management, aesthetics and impression materials), fixed and removable prosthodontics, and problems such as tooth surface loss.
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This guide covers the myths and management methods specific to children, including diagnosis, treatment planning, managing toothache, using a caries prevention tool kit, creating intracoronal restorations for posterior primary teeth, using preformed crowns, performing pulp therapy in primary dentition, avoiding extraction of carious anterior primary teeth, and using a dental dam with young children.