intracellular enzyme

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in·tra·cel·lu·lar en·zyme

an enzyme that performs its functions within the cell that produces it; most enzymes are intracellular enzymes.
Synonym(s): endoenzyme (1)

intracellular enzyme

An enzyme that acts within the cell that produces it.
See also: enzyme
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In coarse- textured soils with low organic matter, enzymatic activity depends more on intracellular enzymes.
This newly established section has already made remarkable achievements as launching collaborative drug discovery programs relating to inhibitors of kinase, one of the intracellular enzymes that is involved in various diseases, with two U.
The mineral is needed for normal insulin function and metabolism, since it enhances the activity of key intracellular enzymes in improving glucose metabolism.
Once inside the bacterium, intracellular enzymes cleave the molecular complex, releasing the drug.
PS-341 inhibits proteasomes, intracellular enzymes that break down proteins involved in cell division.
Assays of the activities of these mainly intracellular enzymes form part of the indirect determination of the activity of free radicals.

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