intracardiac electrogram

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1. any record produced by changes in electric potential.
2. specifically, a cardiogram taken from the chambers of the heart or from a specific position within the chambers.
His bundle electrogram an intracardiac electrogram of potentials in the lower right atrium, atrioventricular node, and His-Purkinje system, obtained by positioning intracardiac electrodes near the tricuspid valve; it is used to pinpoint the site, extent, and mechanisms of arrhythmias and conduction defects.
intracardiac electrogram a record of changes in the electric potentials of specific cardiac loci as measured by electrodes placed within the heart via cardiac catheters; it is used for loci that cannot be assessed by body surface electrodes, such as the bundle of His or other regions within the cardiac conducting system.
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Magnetocardiographic mapping can be acquired simulta neously with 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG), esophageal and/or intracardiac electrograms, and monophasic action potentials, recorded with the CardioLab System (General Electric).
Date, time, and intracardiac electrograms of ICD-detected arrhythmias were downloaded at the patients' regular follow-up visits (about every 3 months).
The ICD also records the date and time of arrhythmias plus intracardiac electrograms immediately before and during these events.
Limb lead electrocardiograms and intracardiac electrograms were amplified and recorded by means of a custom-designed 128-channel computerized multiplexer recording system with a bandwidth of 0.05-1000 Hz at a sampling rate of 4000 Hz and an accuracy of 16 bits.