Within one or both of the atria of the heart.
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A transthoracic echocardiogram with agitated saline did not demonstrate an intraatrial communication.
PWD showed significant correlations with left intraatrial (r = 0.57, p < 0.001) and interatrial EMD (r = 0.54, p < 0.001).
Indications for the management of patients with warfarin include a wide spectrum of disorders Warfarin indications n (%) Lone AF 39.1 Isolated left ventricular akinetic/hypokinetic segment 24.1 No cardioembolic source 10.2 Transient ischemic attack 7.1 Valvular heart disease 6.6 Left ventricular akinetic/hypokinetic segment with AF 5.8 Genetic prothrombotic risk factors 3.8 Patent foramen ovale 2 Recurrent stroke on dual antiagregan therapy 0.8 Atrial septum aneurysm 0.3 Intraatrial thrombus 0.3 AF: atrial fibrillation Table 2.
Schummer, "Is traditional reading of the bedside chest radiograph appropriate to detect intraatrial central venous catheter position?" Chest, vol.
Studies have proposed that many electrophysiological parameters including inter- and intraatrial EMD are predisposing factors for the development of AF.
P-wave dispersion represents a noninvasive ECG marker that may reflect the prolongation of intraatrial and interatrial conduction time, as well as the discontinuous inhomogeneous propagation of sinus impulses.
Because prolongation of P wave duration shows left atrial expansion or prolongation of intraatrial conduction as in our series it is an important substrate in the development of AF.8Advanced age is related with increase in level of norepinephrine in circulation.9 These patients are more sensitive to cessation of beta blockers in postoperative period and are supported by more frequent postoperative supraventricular beats and postoperative supraventricular increase.
P-wave dispersion (Pd) is related to discontinuous inhomogeneous intraatrial and interatrial sinusoidal stimulations and is defined as a difference between maximum P-wave duration (Pmax) and minimum P-wave duration (P min) (10).
Catheter ablation should also be considered in difficult cases of atrial flutter, intraatrial reentry and automatic atrial tachycardia.10 Catheter ablation has emerged as a curative treatment with high success rate.
Landzberg et al., "Sudden death and defibrillators in transposition of the great arteries with intraatrial baffles: a multicenter study," Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology, vol.
All of these are features of left atrial enlargement or intraatrial block.