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Not tolerant, especially:
a. Unwilling to tolerate differences in opinions, practices, or beliefs, especially religious beliefs.
b. Opposed to the inclusion or participation of those different from oneself, especially those of a different racial, ethnic, or social background.
c. Unable or unwilling to endure or support: intolerant of interruptions; a community intolerant of crime.
d. Unable to digest or metabolize a food, drug, or other substance or compound: people who are lactose intolerant.

in·tol′er·ant·ly adv.
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(in-tol'e-rans) [L. intolerantia, impatience]
An inability to endure, or an incapacity for bearing, pain or the effects of a drug or other substance. Particular intolerances are listed under the first word. See: e.g., activity intolerance; fructose intolerance; lactose intolerance
intolerant (-rant), adjective
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Although, there is no evidence as to what tempts an individual to adopt extremist and intolerant beliefs.
personality refers to distinctive character of a person that makes him or her socially attractive or unattractive (Sinclair 1999:1104), also in terms of being religiously tolerant or intolerant.
But should the dad have been tolerant of the intolerant school rules against Rastafarians?
The secondary endpoint of estimated progression-free survival at 48 months was greater than 75% for patients resistant to or intolerant of imatinib and greater than 90% for patients who received Sprycel as a first-line therapy.
The global pivotal Phase 3 LDL-C lowering efficacy studies of the company's bempedoic acid is undergoing in patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD), heterozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HeFH) and "statin intolerant" with hypercholesterolemia inadequately treated with current lipid-modifying therapies.
Theres a delicious dairy solution for lactose intolerant people, thanks to new Clover NoLac Lactose-Free Milk.
This is how they've ended up with Trump." Leah Russell tackled the premise: "If the intolerant wing takes over?...
OGorge'Us Tea Rooms, in Spital Precinct, has been given a fresh new look - and award-winning baker Ceri Newton has launched a new range of gluten free treats, after finding out she was gluten intolerant.
The incorrect label does not mention that the sauce contains mustard or wheat and could therefore be a potential health risk for those who have allergies to either of the ingredients, or who are gluten intolerant.
to provide access to its natural alpha interferon for patients that have become intolerant to treatment with recombinant interferon or where such treatment fails.
Many persons examining this issue try to construct a typology, ranking religions from most intolerant to most tolerant.