intimate partner violence

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intimate partner violence

do·mes·tic vi·o·lence

(dŏ-mĕs'tik vī'ŏ-lĕns)
Intentionally inflicted injury perpetrated by and on family member(s); varieties include spouse abuse, child abuse, and sexual abuse, including incest. Various kinds of abuse (e.g., sexual abuse) also happen outside of the family unit.

intimate partner violence

Physical, sexual, or verbal abuse of a spouse or sexual partner.

Patient care

Every patient should be screened for intimate partner violence during each health care encounter. Health care settings should have a well-tested screening tool available for caregivers, as well as signs in each waiting room and restroom identifying resources for the abused, such as telephone hotlines and regional shelters. If a patient screens positive for abuse, more complete assessment tools are useful to ascertain the degree of risk that is present. It is important for health care professionals to have a concrete intervention plan in place to protect vulnerable patients.

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