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the part of the alimentary canal extending from the pyloric opening of the stomach to the anus. It is a membranous tube, comprising the small intestine and large intestine; called also bowel and gut. See also intestinal tract, and see color plates.
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, pl.


(in'tes-tī'nŭm, -nă), Avoid the mispronunciation intes'tinum.
1. Synonym(s): intestine
2. Inward; inner.
[L. intestinus, internal, ntr. as noun, the entrails, fr. intus, within]
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(in-tes'tin) [TA]
1. The digestive tube passing from the stomach to the anus. It is divided primarily into the intestinum tenue (small intestine) and the intestinum crassum (large intestine).
2. Inward; inner.
Synonym(s): intestinum [TA] , bowel, gut (1) .
[L. intestinum ]
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