schistosomiasis mansoni

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schis·to·so·mi·a·sis man·so·ni

infection with Schistosoma mansoni, the eggs of which invade the wall of the large intestine and the liver, causing irritation, inflammation, and ultimately fibrosis.
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schis·to·so·mi·a·sis man·so·ni

(skis'tŏ-sŏ-mī'ă-sis man-sō'nī)
Infection with Schistosoma mansoni, the eggs of which invade the wall of the large intestine and the liver, causing irritation, inflammation, and ultimately fibrosis.
Synonym(s): Mansoni schistosomiasis.
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Sir Patrick, English authority on tropical medicine, 1844-1922.
Schistosoma mansoni - a disease-causing parasite transmitted by snails.
Mansonella - a genus of filaria, widely distributed in tropical Africa and South America.
Mansonia - a genus of brown or black medium-sized mosquitoes.
Manson disease - Synonym(s): Schistosoma mansoni
Manson eye worm - a widely distributed spiruroid nematode parasite of fowl. Synonym(s): Oxyspirura mansoni
Manson pyosis - obsolete term for a superficial pyogenic infection. Synonym(s): pemphigus contagiosus
Manson schistosomiasis - Synonym(s): schistosomiasis mansoni
Manson syndrome - pulmonary obliterative arteriolitis.
Oxyspirura mansoni - Synonym(s): Manson eye worm
schistosomiasis mansoni - infection with Schistosoma mansoni. Synonym(s): intestinal schistosomiasis; Manson disease; Manson schistosomiasis
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japonicum results in intestinal schistosomiasis, although in the majority of individuals infection is asymptomatic.
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The prevalence of intestinal schistosomiasis, STH, and other intestinal parasitic infections in preschool age children (PSAC) in the Mwea rice irrigation scheme of Kirinyaga County in Central Kenya is not well documented, but, according to research done in an endemic community in Western Kenya, the prevalence in PSAC was demonstrated to be up to 37% [17] indicating the significant risk of infection in this age group in an endemic setup.
A lower expression of CD69 on eosinophils has been shown in patients with chronic intestinal schistosomiasis when compared to those with periportal fibrosis [29].
Ectopic localizations of intestinal schistosomiasis have been described from almost all parts of the human body, and morbidity is usually caused by migrating ectopic eggs, such as in the female genital system and male prostate glands.

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