intestinal myiasis

in·tes·ti·nal my·i·a·sis

presence of larvae of certain dipterous insects in the gastrointestinal tract, as of Musca domestica (domestic housefly), the cheese mite (Acarus siro), and Fannia canicularis (lesser housefly).
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Gastric and intestinal myiasis due to Ornidia obesa (Diptera: Syrphidae) in humans.
A case of intestinal myiasis caused by the larva of Chrysomyia chloropyga Wied.
Larvae of Clogmia albipunctata were reported before as cause of human nasopharyngeal myiasis (14, 20), intestinal myiasis (21-22) and urinary myiasis (9, 10).
Intestinal myiasis in man caused by larvae of Clogmia (= Telmatoscopus) albipunctata Williston (Psychodidae, Diptera).

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