intestinal lymphangiectasia

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intestinal lymphangiectasia

lymphangiectasia, lymphangiectasis

dilatation of the lymphatic vessels; may be congenital or acquired. See also lymphatic vessel obstruction.

intestinal lymphangiectasia
leakage of protein from dilated lacteals in intestinal villi caused by lymphatic obstruction. May result in a protein-losing enteropathy with hypoproteinemia, diarrhea, edema, ascites and weight loss.
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Lymphatic obstruction: Intestinal lymphangiectasia, malignant lymphomas, macroglobulinemia
Celiac disease, Crohn's disease, cystic fibrosis and intestinal lymphangiectasia are commonly encountered in the West.
Postnatal pericardial and pleural effusions, chylous ascites and pulmonary and intestinal lymphangiectasia may develop.
Intestinal lymphangiectasia associated with recurrence of histiocytosis X.
The child was managed conservatively with supportive care given with pain relief, physiotherapy, antimicrobial therapy, dietary modifications, albumin infusions and a trial of octreotide to reduce protein loss through possible intestinal lymphangiectasia described in this disorder.

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