intestinal absorption

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in·tes·ti·nal ab·sorp·tion

(in-testi-năl ab-sōrpshŭn)
Movement of nutrients from the small intestine into the blood supply.
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Additionally, although new, teduglutide and rhGH have shown promising increases in intestinal absorption qualities in SBS (Carter et al., 2017; Goulet, Dabbas-Tyan et al., 2010; Guo et al., 2012).
An invitro evaluation of metabolism and poor membrane permeation impeding intestinal absorption of leucineenkephalin, and methods to increase absorption.
The intestinal absorption of cholesterol decreased from 54% to 4%, and feces bile acid excretion increased 2.5-fold in Cyp27a1 knockout mice, while feeding them a bile acid-rich diet reversed the impairment of intestinal cholesterol absorption [56].
Participants returned for a second visit for the performance of intestinal absorption and permeability assays.
Grapefruit juice can interfere with intestinal absorption of the drug.
Avocados are rich in glutathione, a substance that specifically blocks intestinal absorption of certain fats that cause oxidative damage.
Intestinal absorption mechanism of constituents of curcumin SEDDS
It has been used as a penetration enhancer for topical and transdermal absorption, rectal absorption, buccal delivery and intestinal absorption [5, 6].
1) Helps in the intestinal absorption of calcium from blood.
Other examples of in vitro methods for kinetics include measurements of i) intestinal absorption and transport using intestinal epithelial cells, ii) metabolic conversion by cells or tissue fractions from different organs including liver, and iii) protein binding assays.
Potentially increased intestinal absorption of nutrients as a result of single in ovo injection of [alpha] - galactosides can be the basis for achieving better production results and finally positive economic effects.