interventional radiology

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the branch of medical science dealing with use of x-rays, radioactive substances, and other forms of radiant energy in diagnosis and treatment of disease. adj., adj radiolog´ic, radiolog´ical.
interventional radiology the branch of radiology concerned with providing diagnosis and treatment of disease by a variety of percutaneous procedures performed under the guidance of radiologic imaging.

in·ter·ven·tion·al ra·di·ol·o·gy

the clinical subspecialty that uses fluoroscopy, CT, and ultrasound to guide percutaneous procedures such as performing biopsies, draining fluids, inserting catheters, or dilating or stenting narrowed ducts or vessels.

interventional radiology

Imaging A subspecialty of radiology that provides Diagnostic information–eg, CT-guided 'skinny' needle biopsies and dye injection for analysis of various lumina and tracts–eg, arteriography, cholangiography, antegrade pyelography or Therapeutic options–eg, percutaneous nephrostomy or biliary drainage

interventional radiology

A radiological subspecialty that makes use of imaging technologies to assist and guide invasive procedures, (e.g., the collection of tissue specimens from internal organs, or the placement of catheters, drugs, radioactive materials, or stents within body structures).
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