intervention studies

in·ter·ven·tion stud·ies

(in'tĕr-ven'shŭn stŭd'ēz)
Comparative and investigative case studies of epidemiologic testing of the occurrence and nonoccurrence of disease or findings in population groups to determine the cause-and-effect factors present in such groups.
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This brief will highlight findings from a recent review of 45 prevention and intervention studies addressing dropout or school completion described in professional journals.
The objectives of this paper are: to briefly describe how teaching portfolios, in tandem with the Teaching/Learning Framework (Sprinthall & Thies-Sprinthall, 1983) can be employed as a developmental intervention to promote stage growth in teacher candidates; to report developmental stage change (moral judgment/principled thinking) results from three developmental portfolio intervention studies; and to draw implications as to the potential use and value of a deliberate, developmental teaching portfolio intervention in the promotion of teacher candidate professional growth.
The conference participants recognized the need for intervention studies to determine the degree to which household indoor air pollution exposures can be lowered and to measure changes in respiratory health risk that result.
The program combines large-scale longitudinal survey and case studies, quantitative and qualitative data, and observation and intervention studies in order to try to ascertain how and in what way different factors affect pupils' progress.
The third area is prevention and intervention studies to find ways to address the needs of exposed people through education and rehabilitation at the community level.
In intervention studies, it is important to assess whether one program might be more effective for individuals with extreme initial difficulties, while another might be more effective for individuals with less extreme initial difficulties.
The National Institute on Aging and the NIEHS will provide grant support for planning and protocol development of biomedical epidemiologic and intervention studies in research areas supported by the Geriatrics Program.
Planning Grants for Biomedical Epidemiologic and Intervention Studies
NIAID and the NIEHS together are evaluating intervention studies aimed at reducing incidence of asthma attacks by reducing levels of airway allergens such as those from cockroaches and dust mites.
Researchers at Loughborough University wanted to know why many chronic exercise intervention studies - which investigate the effect of exercise training on weight management - were not seeing the expected amounts of weight loss.
"Vitamin D supplementation may help improve blood sugar control, but intervention studies are still needed."
"I think we should have more of such intervention studies in the region to tackle the situation effectively."

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