intervention implementation

in·ter·ven·tion im·ple·men·ta·tion

(in'tĕr-ven'shŭn im'plĕ-mĕn-tā'shŭn)
The skilled process of effecting change in a person's performance leading to engagement in occupations or activities to support participation within a context (e.g., physical, spiritual, social or cultural).
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US-based National Institutes of Health Clinical Center has awarded US-based of cloud-based safety intervention implementation tools provider I-PASS Patient Safety Institute, Inc.
Conflicts and disputes that emerged during the intervention implementation were addressed and feedback was given to strengthen this collaborative effort.
Thus, treatment integrity not only should be continuously assessed during intervention implementation, but should also be a primary focus that may require specific intervention itself.
However, this project appeared to be more open ended, as only one preservice candidate referenced tutoring a student in an academic area related to RTI intervention implementation.
intervention implementation called - Detailed design and execution of the works of "Realization of the completion of the sewage network port of Naples.
Figure 3 shows that at the start of the intervention implementation in 2007, MVC fatalities dropped in numbers while seat belt usage rates started to rise with a notable increase after 2009.
These methods follow closely those previously published on the estimation of online intervention implementation costs (Page, Horvath, Damilenko, & William, 2012).
A 'kitchen sink' approach to intervention implementation where a number of different approaches are thrown together in the hope that something works, is unlikely to be helpful and will be a potential waste of resource.
These facts emphasize the importance of ensuring adequate levels of intervention implementation in schools.
Relatively little of the literature is focused on specific interventions or on intervention implementation.
This edition has new sections on response to intervention implementation and how to build relational trust while addressing tough issues; new case studies on maintaining a collaborative culture in the face of new teacher evaluations and merit pay, and school and districtwide improvement efforts for twenty-first century education and project-based learning; new tools and processes for developing a higher-performing leadership team; new information on family and community engagement; new examples, tools, forms, and group questions; and videos on the companion website, with related questions.
Within the conceptual framework, program coaches assisting teachers with intervention implementation represents one potential aspect of the support system, as shown in Figure 1.