intervention implementation

in·ter·ven·tion im·ple·men·ta·tion

(in'tĕr-ven'shŭn im'plĕ-mĕn-tā'shŭn)
The skilled process of effecting change in a person's performance leading to engagement in occupations or activities to support participation within a context (e.g., physical, spiritual, social or cultural).
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Second, the general educators' intervention implementation time was limited.
Variations in length of the function-based behavior support phase are also due to the staggering of intervention implementation for different participants.
During unstructured activities, an overall decrease in problem behavior was observed following intervention implementation.
Practitioners face the same predicament because, without objective data on intervention implementation, they may abandon effective interventions that appear ineffective because they were implemented poorly or inconsistently.
These methods follow closely those previously published on the estimation of online intervention implementation costs (Page, Horvath, Damilenko, & William, 2012).
Contract notice: Ad-all 15-10-62 framework regarding the choice of service for the preparation of intervention implementation files (sewers, roads and bridges).
These facts emphasize the importance of ensuring adequate levels of intervention implementation in schools.
Relatively little of the literature is focused on specific interventions or on intervention implementation.
using the 18-problem fraction worksheets) prior to LAP intervention implementation.
This edition has new sections on response to intervention implementation and how to build relational trust while addressing tough issues; new case studies on maintaining a collaborative culture in the face of new teacher evaluations and merit pay, and school and districtwide improvement efforts for twenty-first century education and project-based learning; new tools and processes for developing a higher-performing leadership team; new information on family and community engagement; new examples, tools, forms, and group questions; and videos on the companion website, with related questions.
Ideally, the staff would have maintained a record of the frequency of behavior before and after intervention implementation to document the response rate.
Office referral statistics can also be analyzed during and after intervention implementation to help determine effectiveness (e.