intervention approach

in·ter·ven·tion ap·proach

(in'tĕr-ven'shŭn ă-prōch')
Using selected strategies to direct the process of intervention based on desired outcomes, evaluation data, and evidence that can serve to promote health, establish or restore skill and function, maintain existing status, teach compensation or adapted methods, or prevent further disability or related problems.
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This contract is therefore for delivery of a greater manchester strive volunteering support service which will provide an early intervention approach for families at risk of, Or experiencing domestic abuse.
The service providers' intervention was geared to LARCs competency-based training and supportive supervision; the intervention approach did not include provision of necessary equipment and supplies for LARCs insertion and removal.
Govan Law Centre believe that an early intervention approach can be of the most benefit for vulnerable people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
This alliance has been formed with the objective of integrating child participation in Save the Children's intervention approach and policy advocacy.
According to Elekta, its MR-linac integrates an ultramodern radiotherapy system and a high-field MRI scanner with sophisticated software that allows a physician to capture diagnostic quality images of tumours and surrounding tissue during radiation delivery allowing physicians to rapidly assess and respond by modifying the radiation treatment, a responsive intervention approach.
Elekta's MR-linac is designed to capture high-quality images of tumours and surrounding tissue, allowing physicians to rapidly assess and respond by modifying the radiation treatment, a responsive intervention approach.
What we need is 21st century, technology-based, threat assessment and intervention approach to potential active shooters.
The brief intervention approach was used in 19%, 29%, and 13% of the visits, yielding same-day vaccination rates of 17%, 8%, and 20%, respectively.
Its impressive research-based evidence concludes that a more innovative and wider reaching public sector intervention approach is required to provide greater financial fire power, particularly debt, to SMEs in Wales.
As a social landlord, we have an early intervention approach to rent arrears, and nowhere has this been better demonstrated than in the award-winning work of our Welfare Reform Team which has enabled over 92% of tenants who wanted to keep their homes after the introduction of the 'bedroom tax' maintain those tenancies.
A popular brief intervention approach has utilized the FRAMES framework: Feedback (to the patient related to the risk for alcohol related problems and consequences), Responsibility (emphasizing that the change lies within the individual), Advice (relating to reduction or abstinence), Menu (Different change options), Empathy (a kind, thoughtful, and empathetic approach), and Self-efficacy (building of optimism about realizing change) (Bien, Miller, & Tonigan, 1993).
For "Low" and "Moderate Persistence Probability" students, phone calls where the advisor "spoke to" the student were the most effective intervention approach.