intervening variable

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in·ter·ven·ing var·i·a·ble

an event, such as an attitude or emotion, inferred to occur within an organism between the stimulation and response in such a way as to influence or determine the response.
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Mazur (2001) offered another perspective on value that regards it as an intervening variable. According to this perspective, "value refers to the strength or effectiveness of a reinforcer--its ability to support choice responses, or, more generally, any type of instrumental responding" (p.
One alternative to the moderating hypothesis is examining social support as an intervening variable (Wheaton, 1985).
How the various independent variables and intervening variables have interacted to produce life satisfaction must be examined.
Alo and Cancado write, "We propose that operations and processes are differentiated as independent and dependent variables that can be classified under the intervening variable value or consequence value" (p.
A common practice under this design is to regress the dependent variable at time t on the dependent, independent, and intervening variables at time t - 1.
In these equations, X is the independent variable, Y is the dependent variable, and M is the intervening variable. [e.sub.1], [e.sub.2], and [e.sub.3] are the population regression intercepts in (8), (9), and (10), respectively, c represents the relation between the independent and dependent variables in (8), d represents the relation between the independent and dependent variables adjusted for the effects of the intervening variable in (9), a represents the relation between the independent and intervening variables in (10), and b represents the relation between the intervening and the dependent variables adjusted for the effect of the independent variable in (9) [58].
On the other hand, one intervening variable on the number of siblings in the family significant finding.
The strategic indicators measure activities that are external to research itself, but that act as an intervening variable. The Council concluded that the analysis of the nature of the research in the health field requires new methods for data collection and management, including qualitative techniques.
In this respect, the region has become an idiom, an intervening variable, and an enabling environment for the confrontation with the complexity of post-Cold War international life.
The purpose of this paper is, in a sample of public-sector human resource practitioners (HRPs), to examine a model proposing self-efficacy to be an intervening variable between ethical climate and HRP behaviour.
"We think that empathy is the intervening variable," Jean Decety, the Irving B.