intervening sequence

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A portion of DNA that lies between two exons, is transcribed into RNA, but does not appear in that mRNA after maturation because the intron is removed and the exons spliced together, and so is not expressed (as protein) in protein synthesis. By customary usage, the term is extended to the corresponding regions in the primary transcript of mRNA before maturation.
[inter- + -on]
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[1] Nonstandard abbreviations: DGGE, denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis; TTGE, temporal temperature gradient gel electrophoresis; IVS, intervening sequence (intron); RDB, reverse dot blot; and nt, nucleotide.
In the next step, Chr2 with the new prophage was inserted into Chr1 via the homologies between the two CDS (VAA049_1594 versus MS6_A0272 and VAA049_2432 versus MS6_A0562), and upon the resolution of the cointegrate, one copy each of the two homologous CDS along with intervening sequences was deleted (Figure 4 (bottom panel)).
Intervening sequences of regularly spaced prokaryotic repeats derive from foreign genetic elements.
Only PCB contained one 13 nt complete direct repeat (J1 and J2) and one 12 nt incomplete inverted repeat (W and W reverse complement), which were missing the intervening sequences. PCA exhibited the following features: (1) 11 types (J, K, L, N, Q, R, S, T, U, V, and H), containing complete and incomplete direct repeats; (2) five types of short and incomplete inverted repeats (only W and W rep comp shown); and (3) a complete direct repeat H and an incomplete inverted repeat W (W rev comp) were shared by all five P cervi samples.