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Pertaining to an overt act or process intended to alter or prevent some event or outcome.
[L. intervenio, to come between]


(int?er-ven'shon) [L. interventio, a coming between, giving of security]
1. An action taken to modify an effect.
2. An invasive procedure, e.g., the insertion of catheters or other devices into the body. Particular interventions are listed under the first word. See: e.g., early intervention; life-sustaining intervention; nursing interventioninterventional (int?er-ven'shon-al), adjective
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So in this case, the woman probably thought if she intervenes in a direct and overt way, first of all it's not going to be as effective in terms of help and she might herself be [exposed to negative retaliation] so that makes it costly.
In comparison, only 37 per cent said they would intervene if it was someone they did not know personally.
Central bank governor, Rodrigo Vergara, said, 'We have a floating exchange rate policy and as such it isn't part of the central bank's normal policy to intervene in the currency market, and the truth is that we're not even close to thinking about doing it.
This article, as it is in the current proposal, makes it legal for the executive to intervene in the judiciary and thus destroys the principle of separation of powers.
In this regard, non-intervention can be related closely to a failure of deterrence, for while the capability to intervene might exist, the lack of will to intervene undermines the ability to deter.
Parks said the threat of severe violence between males may be a cue for bystanders to intervene.
All of the above came together into a decision about whether to intervene.
The parliament has the right to intervene in all governmental sectors because it is the legislative and observation organ in the country," MP Mohammed al-Khalidi told Aswat al-Iraq.
IMF suggestion of "SNB should only intervene on excessive volatility" should make you chuckle a bit.
They are doing it earlier than the market had expected, which shows that they are taking seriously the issue of pound depreciation and they will intervene at any cost," said John Sfakianakis of Banque Saudi Fransi.
The League made an appeal to the international community, and human rights associations and organizations to urgently intervene for "the protection of our brothers against suppression, persecution and intimidation to which they are subjected.
PEOPLE are more likely to intervene if they see an animal being attacked than if a woman is being assaulted by her partner, a survey reveals today.