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Pertaining to an overt act or process intended to alter or prevent some event or outcome.
[L. intervenio, to come between]


(int?er-ven'shon) [L. interventio, a coming between, giving of security]
1. An action taken to modify an effect.
2. An invasive procedure, e.g., the insertion of catheters or other devices into the body. Particular interventions are listed under the first word. See: e.g., early intervention; life-sustaining intervention; nursing interventioninterventional (int?er-ven'shon-al), adjective
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If allowed to intervene, Francis would be able to stand before the judge alongside the City Attorney and present his arguments in the case.
Alen Kovac, chief economist at Erste Banka dd, a unit of Erste Group Bank AG (EBS), said that the central bank may intervene once again to support the sliding kuna.
Because Barr's lawsuit against the FDA potentially affects us, we have requested that IMPAX be allowed to intervene as a defendant in this matter to protect our rights.
The Bank of Israel is expected to intervene in the currency markets as the local currency is at his highest level in 15 months.
13, said the group is not overly concerned when the courts intervene.
In Fitch's view, the points that the Brazilian Central Bank mentioned as causing them to intervene in Santos are unique to that bank, and Fitch believes that the regulator will continue to monitor and track the financial soundness of the system.
These sectors have been urging the government to intervene to bring down the value of the currency.
The ACLJ has been working to get the Schindlers permission to intervene directly into the case.
The Indian central bank has said that it would intervene in the foreign exchange markets if there was 'extreme' volatility.
Lockyer's office said the state asked that ``the court allow us to intervene and thereby permit us to better defend TRPA in the lawsuit.
The American Center for Law and Justice, specializing in constitutional law, today asked the Florida Second District Court of Appeals to reconsider its decision of last week rejecting a request of Robert and Mary Schindler - the parents of Terri Schiavo - to intervene directly into the case defending the constitutionality of "Terri's Law" - which is now before the Florida Supreme Court.
Global Banking News-April 17, 2012--ECB chose not to intervene in markets last weeks despite speculation to the contrary(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.