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Pertaining to an overt act or process intended to alter or prevent some event or outcome.
[L. intervenio, to come between]
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(int?er-ven'shon) [L. interventio, a coming between, giving of security]
1. An action taken to modify an effect.
2. An invasive procedure, e.g., the insertion of catheters or other devices into the body. Particular interventions are listed under the first word. See: e.g., early intervention; life-sustaining intervention; nursing interventioninterventional (int?er-ven'shon-al), adjective
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We believe he will intervene to help the teachers," Cheberi said.
Neither Penn-America nor White Pines responded to Polli's motion to intervene, thereby foregoing any opportunity to argue that Polli's intervention would prejudice either of them.
'(The student) can go back to (CHED) and ask (the commission) to intervene but we must exhaust all the procedures in the university first,' he added.
'With these circumstances in mind, I will instruct and direct the Attorney General of Sabah to make an application for the State Government of Sabah to intervene in the above Federal Court Proceedings,' he said in the statement.
Recently the Supreme Court of Canada made the news when, on July 27, 2017, Supreme Court Justice Richard Wagner rejected four Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ) groups that had applied to intervene in a case about a law school at Trinity Western University (TWU).
"We developed 'Intervene' with the goal of impacting the Cornell community, but also designed it to be universal, as other universities are dealing with similar topics," says Santacrose, who majored in Human Development.
"For example, they may think, 'Surely someone has already called the police by now.' But of course, if everyone is behaving in the same way, no one will actually intervene," she said.
And further, once they are safe, or if we are alone, if we decide to then intervene, we are obviously putting ourselves at serious risk.
In effect, he is saying that the Pasdaran were prepared to intervene to stop Musavi from winning.
The judicial process should be unified, and according to universal principles, at no stage can there be an intervention or an attempt to intervene. Article 277 of the TCK makes it a crime to intervene in a judicial proces to ensure impartial and unbiased judicial processes," he said.
The cross-party Defence Select Committee said the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts meant there was a "current lack of appetite" for military operations, but the MPs warned that choosing not to intervene in some crises could have implications for the UK which are as profound as the decision to commit troops.
Summary: New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh may intervene in the discussion on missing files pertaining ...