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Table 8 shows six pairwise opposite matrices ([kappa] = 8) under interval scale corresponding to the six matrices in Table 7.
Tables 9 and 10 show the pairwise comparison vectors under ratio and interval scale, respectively.
IRT typically has been developed for scaling dichotomous and polytomous data onto an equal interval scale. For dealing with ordinal polytomous data, there are at least three models available.
GRM is appropriate when response options for items are sequentially ordered (e.g., interval scale questionnaire) and are most appropriate for attitude and personality measures, but not limited to these domains.
The parameters provide information on the location of the implied interval scale. This scale is not explicit when the dependent variable is measured using an ordinal scale, such as the Likert scale used to measure satisfaction in this research.
For example, orders of magnitude in lighting luminance are subjectively assessed as being on an interval scale. Exponential relationships indicate that the values for the continuum alternatives should appear as in Figure 6.
There now is a method that can be used on interval and exponential relationships to produce interval scale values.
* With interval scales, equal differences between measurements represent equal differences in the measured property.
An introduction to the two-level programming technique for modeling the problem of calculating the interval scale efficiency appears next before development of the solution methods for the two-level programs.
Such constancy of intervals is a typical feature of interval scales, and it requires transformations to be of the form f(x) = [Alpha]x + [Beta].
One reason for this perhaps somewhat surprising fact is that the rating scales were not true interval scales. Users typically had to choose between verbally described response categories, and there is no guarantee that the seamntic distance between their interpretation of any two category descriptions was equal to the numeric distance between the values assigned to those categories when scoring the replies.
17) argues that it is permissible to treat most of the measurement methods in psychology as if they are interval scales, without harm to most studies.