interval operation

in·ter·val op·er·a·tion

an operation performed during a period of quiescence or of intermission in the condition necessitating surgery.
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And hence the sensor which acts as the sender does not affect the polling interval operation.
New Interval Operations. Let [mathematical expression not reproducible]; we define two new operations [??] and [??] as follows:
The new algorithm is obtained from original conjugate gradient method by modifying and replacing all operations with related interval operations; also all operators acting in the role of inverse operators are replaced by inverse of interval operators.
The first method, based on the conjugate gradient method, replaced real operations with interval operations. The second method uses steepest descent idea to solve linear interval systems.
Of the 32 patients, 24 underwent conservative treatment initially and planned interval operations later (Figure 1).
As subpavings consist of boxes, it is now possible to extend interval operations to subpavings (Jaulin et al., 1998).
So the formulae for phasors can be used, performing interval operations [Alefeld and Herzberger 1983; Moore 1966; Struss 1990; Kearfott 1996], instead of real ones.