intertubular dentin

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in·ter·tu·bu·lar den·tin

(intĕr-tūbyū-lăr dentin)
Dentin located between the dentinal tubules.
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46, 47) Other authors, such as Marshall and Cheron, evaluated the elastic modulus of the intertubular dentin of endodontically treated teeth using atomic force microscopy and found that the elastic modulus increases with respect to the mineralized dentin from 17.
Sakoolnamarka8 et al demonstrated that dentinal surfaces etched with 35% phosphoric acid following carisolv treatment led to porous irregular intertubular dentin.
Alterations such as dentinal tubule opening, removal of dentinal plugs and the organic portion of intertubular dentin, that increase the tubules' diameter and cause collagen exposure, have also been reported.
The establishment of effective interlocking occurs when the adhesive penetrates into the intratubular and intertubular dentin so that resin penetration into the conditioned dentin results in the formation of intratubular resin tags and a "hybrid layer.
However, when strong acids are applied over a long period of time, in addition to the removal of residues, there is also an excessive demineralization of the peri- and intertubular dentin.
The formation of the hybrid layer, by the impregnation of resin ingredients into the demineralized intertubular dentin with subsequent polymerization, is thought to create an adequate bond between resin and dentin.