interstitial pattern

in·ter·sti·tial pat·tern

one of several chest radiographic patterns associated with interstitial infiltration or thickening, including honeycomb pattern, miliary pattern, reticulonodular pattern, or septal lines.
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Interstitial pattern was noted in 35.7% and packed marrow in 26.2%.
The gastrointestinal tract CMV disease reveals slow bowel movements and shallowed ulcers on endoscopic examination.[sup][13] The image findings of CMV pneumonitis include ground glass opacities, consolidation, or interstitial pattern. The decrease of leukocyte counts may suggest the onset of CMV disease.
As regards interstitial pattern it was observed unilaterally in seven cases and bilaterally in 3 cases while paratrabecular pattern was seen in three cases unilaterally and in one case bilaterally.
(9) Chest radiograph findings related to PCP include diffuse fine reticular interstitial pattern with perihilar distribution.
The interstitial pattern presents in the majority of cases.
Figure2 Histopathological examination of punch biopsy from lesion shows lymphocytes and histiocytes distributed in interstitial pattern. (H and E 100x).
Histopathologic evaluation also included evaluation for an interstitial pattern of the lymphohistiocytic infiltrate (consistent with "incomplete" granuloma annulare) or a palisading pattern with central necrobiosis (granuloma annulare, common variant), increased dermal mucin deposition (highlighted by colloidal iron stain), presence of multinucleated giant cells, elastophagocytosis, and eosinophils.
(1) Three CT patterns of PCP have been characterized and include a ground-glass pattern, a patchwork pattern, and an interstitial pattern. (2) Cystic lung disease, spontaneous pneumothorax, and upper lobe parenchymal opacities have been reported in the literature.
The lungs and air sacs had a mild interstitial pattern that most likely resulted from regurgitation and aspiration or from the chronicity of an underlying disease process.
She had no extremity edema, and her blood pressure in both arms was normal with normal peripheral circulation A chest x-ray showed a slight increase in the interstitial pattern but was "fairly normal." Nonetheless, a resident ordered an EKG..
Advanced Interconnections announced its hybrid socket adapter design that uses both male and female pins in an interstitial pattern in 0.65 mm pitch BGA and LGA footprints.
A 0.50-mm pitch BGA socket adapter system is a hybrid design using both male and female pins in an interstitial pattern. It offers the reliability of screw-machined terminals with multi-finger contacts in a compact surface mount socket.

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