interstitial implantation

in·ter·sti·tial im·plan·ta·tion

implantation in which the blastocyst lies within the substance of the endometrium, as in humans and guinea pigs.
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Reports have shown that a prescribed dose (PD) of 100–160 Gy is safe and efficacious for [sup]125I seed interstitial implantation for solid tumors.[sup][15],[16],[17],[18],[19],[20] In addition, the PD recommended for prostate cancer is 145 Gy.[sup][16],[17] Therefore, the PD (in Gy) was set at 105, 125, and 145.
Today, [sup.125]I seed interstitial implantation is performed under image guidance--using CT, MRI, or ultrasound--which improves the accuracy of seeds location in a known tumor volume compared with traditional intraoperative seed implantation.
An interstitial implantation also is near maternal veins.

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