Leydig cell adenoma

(redirected from interstitial cell tumour of the testis)

Leydig cell adenoma

A benign circumscribed nodule of autonomously hyperfunctioning hyperplastic Leydig cells.

Activating mutation of LH receptor gene.
Clinical findings
Precocious puberty.
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Franz von, German anatomist, 1821-1908.
Leydig cell adenoma - small benign tumors of the testis that often produce testosterone, causing endocrine symptoms. Synonym(s): interstitial cell tumor of testis
Leydig cells - cells between the seminiferous tubules of the testis that secrete testosterone. Synonym(s): interstitial cells
Leydig drain
Leydig duct - embryonic duct which becomes ductus deferens in males.
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